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There is no legislation in Norway that directly regulates how fundraising shall be carried out. The Norwegian Control Committee for Fundraising (Innsamlingskontrollen) assures the quality of fundraising activities. The Approval Registry is a voluntary registration scheme for organizations that raise funds for charitable causes.

The Control Committee was established in September 1991 and is a member of the International Committee on Fundraising Organizations (ICFO). It assures the quality of fundraising activities through its Fundraising Registry. The Registry is a voluntary registration scheme for organizations that raise funds for charitable causes.

Approved Organizations
Organizations that voluntarily apply for approval by The Norwegian Control Committee for Fundraising are required to follow specific accounting rules and to go through an external control mechanism. A minimum of 65% of funds (public funding not included) will go to the organisation’s stated cause. The calculation of the minimum proportion can be made in relation to a maximum period of 3 years.

See the approved organizations here.

The Warning List (OBS-listen)
The Norwegian Control Committee for Fundraising has released a watch list of nonprofit organisations that have failed to comply with the regulator after concerns were raised about aspects of their work. The OBS list creates a clear distinction between the 100+ committed nonprofits on the Fundraising Registry that have met their reporting requirements and those have failed to do so. Doubts have been raised about these organisations, which each allocate less than 50% of income to their stated cause, after they failed to provide further information to the Control Committee.

Each organisation on the OBS list received several warnings that if they did not provide essential information to the Control Committee, their names would be published in this way. The continued lack of response or willingness to provide this information is interpreted as a refusal to comply with the key principle of transparency that is required of nonprofits in order to maintain public confidence. 

See the Warning List here

As a member of Transparency International Norway, The Norwegian Control Comittee on Fundraising Organizations is committed to zero tolerance towards all forms of corruption and to work for the implementation of values, code of conduct and anti-corruption programs covering all of the organization.


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